A boy running through the forest A boy running through the forest

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Springfield Bees


Play • Explore • Grow

A teacher and child doing science.

Our Ethos

We believe that each child should have the opportunity to develop in an inspiring, supportive and friendly environment.

Our aim is to ensure that children grow in confidence and independence and learn through play while feeling safe and secure.

We realise that every child is unique and value the importance of parents and carers in supporting their child’s development and learning.

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  • All children achieve the best possible outcomes and are well prepared for success in their future learning.

    OFSTED 2024

  • The staff are all so kind and patient and have lots of strategies to support children that are finding things difficult.


  • Superb support and skilful interactions mean all children attending flourish and make rapid progress.

    OFSTED 2024

  • The leadership is very effective in supporting not only the child, but the emotional wellbeing of the parents too.


  • Children are consistently the priority and are the centre of every decision made.

    OFSTED 2024

  • We've received so much in support, ensuring our child has the best start to their education.


  • Children and their families are warmly welcomed into this child friendly, exciting and inspiring environment.

    OFSTED 2024

  • Trust your judgement and again no hurry - as you have time in the remit of what we are paying for.